Serving the Eastern Panhandle/Potomac Highlands of WV

Kriston Strickler

Office - 304.530.3100
Toll Free - 888.583.5043
Fax - 304.530.3101

Kris was born and raised in Moorefield, WV.  She majored in biology at college with a background in agriculture.  She has been a microbiologist for WV Dept. of Agriculture since 1998.  Tradition has her and her father raising custom beef on the family farm.

Her interest of historical homes and antiques has placed her on the board of Heritage Week-end.  Her love of animals enabled her to become chairman of the Tri-County Horse Show and an active member of the local animal shelter.  She is in the process of refinishing her Old Victorian home one room at a time while she pursues her new career in real estate.

Charles Town Office 304.725.1491
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